The Most Flexible Workspace Solution

With Upflex, you only pay for what your employees use. Giving your employees the benefit of flexibility —whether it’s once a week, while traveling, or anytime — is the best way to keep your employees happier and more productive. Join the ranks of companies who are addressing the challenge of attracting and retaining talent and reducing their real estate costs with Upflex.

Increase Flexibility

Flexible workplace policies make your company more cutting-edge, whether you let people work remotely a few days a week or you’re entirely virtual. Upflex provides you the structure to feel confident when your employees are away, and provides them stress-free workspaces where they can be their best.

  • 64% of employees would take a lower paying job if they could work flexiblyDeloitte
  • 50% of employees will be working flexibly part time by 2020FastCompany
  • 20+ countries have laws promoting flexible work1MFWF

Cut Operating Costs

Getting employees out of the office and into workspaces on the Upflex network can save you money in major ways. Say goodbye to costly build-outs and reduce your real estate costs with part-time remote work. Reduce the disruption that comes from unscheduled absences by instead offering alternative workspaces.

  • $11K savings per employee per year with part-time remote workPGI
  • $1,800 annual savings per employee from the 63% decrease in unscheduled absences with flexible workGWA
  • $700B potential savings in the U.S. alone from part-time remote workGWA

Foster Productivity

Employees who can switch up their environments are proven to be more engaged and think more creatively. When you let them find an inspiring coworking space closer to home with Upflex, you’re allowing your employees to be their best, and that’s going to benefit you.

  • 59% more growth and revenue when employees are engaged and satisfiedGWA
  • 84% of people in coworking spaces report increased motivation & engagementKnoll
  • 4+ hours more output per week per employee with flexible workGallup

Improve Health & Happiness

When people like their job and are productive at work, they thrive — and research shows that thriving people are better for your bottom line. Make your employees lives easier by giving them a workspace close to home when they need it and you’ll happier employees who are less distracted and less stressed.

  • 71% of millennials feel unengaged at workGallup
  • 82% of employees report flexible work reduces stressGWA
  • 33% more likely to suffer from depression if employees have a longer commuteCity AM

Attract & Keep Talent

For many companies, attracting and retaining top employees is a constant challenge, and company benefits need to evolve to address that challenge. Upflex lets you offer a layer of flexibility to your employees, making your company a place people want to work rather than just need to work.

  • $30K potential cost to a company from losing a valued employeeGWA
  • 40% of people would turn down a job without a flexible work environmentCitrix
  • 95% of employers say flexibility has a high impact on retentionGWA

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Employees today are increasingly concerned with the values of the company they work for, and reducing carbon emissions is something most want to get behind. When employees can choose a coworking space in the Upflex network rather than a longer drive into the office, you can both make them happy and reduce your carbon footprint.

  • 29.6B hours spent per year in the daily commuteB2C
  • 51M metric tons of carbon emissions could be saved yearly from flexibilityGWA
  • 24% of employees would take a pay cut to help the environmentGWA