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Value to your Workspace

Reach New Customers

Reach New Customers

The entire Upflex network drives new traffic to your workspace

Increase Revenue

Increase Revenue

Create new revenue streams: increase leads, increase sales.

Reduce Marketing Costs

Reduce Marketing Costs

Reduce acquisition costs: marketing, SEO, and free day passes.

Joining Upflex is Easy

Step 1: Apply

Complete our application form to qualify for free inclusion in the Upflex Network

Step 2: Upload Inventory

Easily upload dozens of desks, offices, and meeting rooms to the Upflex platform

Step 3: Make Money

Every month, receive payment for all the hours Upflex users spend at your location

What Our Partners Say About Us

Workville is excited about the launch of Upflex, a global network of upscale workspaces.  It’s a brilliant solution for the growing demands of the workspace market. Our mission here is to provide a friendly and productive workspace in NYC — and we know that when our members travel for business they miss the Workville experience. Upflex platform provides our members the opportunity to work from a vetted portfolio of global coworking spaces.

Sue Bernstock
President & COO, Workville, NYC

Some of Our Partners

Why Join Upflex?

Attract Enterprise Clients

Corporations today know employees thrive in the right environment.  Offering workplace flexibility helps recruit/retain talent, improve the vital work/life balance, and enhance productivity.

Upflex digitizes their flexibility policy, allowing their employees to work from our network of coworking partners.

List Your Space Free & Get Paid

Listing your space on Upflex is completely free, with no membership fees, setup costs, or commissions. Hourly bookings, half-day, or full day — it’s up to you.

Each successful booking generates money that’s all yours, even for no-shows or late cancellations.

Decrease Your Marketing Costs

You spend a lot on marketing your space in order to create brand awareness and fill desks. Whether you buy ads or are giving out free day passes to your community members to share with their network, it impacts your bottom line.

Upflex increases your daily occupancy rate, allowing you to reduce your marketing budget.

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