Space Spotlight: The LAB Miami

Welcome to our new Space Spotlight series, where we will be highlighting some of the amazing spaces in the Upflex network. 

The inside of the LAB Miami coworking community reflects the vibrant arts district where it resides. Located in Wynwood, a neighborhood known for attention-grabbing murals everywhere you turn, the LAB Miami’s 10,000 square-foot converted warehouse is covered with art on the walls indoors, too. You’ll also find brightly colored furniture and tables designed by local artists, a private garden, a kitchen with local cold brew on tap and a dog or a few running around.

“Everyone is just super-relaxed, super-comfortable,” says the LAB Miami managing director Rachael Alvarez. “There’s no judgement or sort of strict, corporate policies you might find in other locations. But, there is that common understanding to respect each other and the space, which makes for a really friendly, nice environment.”

The LAB Miami was created in 2012, when the founding members saw a need for a Miami coworking space where people could get together, create ideas and form a community of entrepreneurs. It’s a one-story, open space for small to mid size startups and nonprofits, freelancers and roaming remote workers who want to work in a supportive and friendly environment. There are weekly yoga and meditation sessions for members, daily cafecito breaks in the afternoon and tons of events and speaker series so members and visitors can expand their knowledge.

Part of the LAB Miami’s vision is to help make Miami one of the top technology hubs in the world, by providing a space that’s supportive to tech-based workers. But the LAB Miami’s perks and events are open to any members. Whether you drop in for a day, a week, a month or more, you’re welcome to partake in all the fun social happenings at the LAB Miami.

Take a Tour of the LAB Miami

Walk into the LAB Miami, and you can get to work as quickly as you want – or play a game of ping pong or pour some cold brew from tap first. There are 13 private offices for members with access, a conference room and 4 call rooms for anyone to use, but most of the space is open and filled with hot desks, plus some dedicated desks. Visitors and members can work wherever the vibe feels right.

Coworking space the LAB MiamiAlvarez says part of what makes the LAB Miami so welcoming is the diversity of those who work there and the work they’re doing, which goes beyond a tech focus. The LAB Miami is for anyone who wants to get their dreams and goals accomplished, build a professional network and work in a place they’ll feel welcomed. Alvarez calls the LAB Miami’s members “very driven, ambitious, humble, down-to-earth, creative and interesting people.”

Learning from Each Other

In addition to providing a place to work, the LAB Miami supports the “life” part of work-life balance for members and visitors. There are wellness events every month, local artisans markets, happy hours, workshops and meetups. The LAB Miami also hosts a monthly speaker series called Brainfood, which is used for the space’s podcast and features interviews with successful Miami-based entrepreneurs.

Anyone working at the LAB Miami, including Upflex members, can participate in all events. That includes the daily 2 p.m. Cuban coffee break, where members can take a recess, chat with other workers and refresh before going back to work.

Coworking space the LAB Miami lounge area“The space is not corporate whatsoever,” Alvarez says. “It’s very homey, very organic and everyone is free to be themselves.”

Surrounded by Inventiveness

Outside the space, there is plenty to take in on breaks and before and after work. Wynwood is known for its abundance of artwork on building facades by artists from around the world. It’s also home to Art Basel events, an annual festival happening in December that attracts global art lovers.

Coworking space the Lab Miami outdoor area
The neighborhood has a funky, hipster, eclectic vibe that is seen in the local food scene, too. Alvarez recommends some of her favorite eateries for visitors to check out.

  • Zak the Baker, whose founder Zak Stern used to use the LAB Miami for office space and is a renowned chef and James Beard finalist serving up Kosher baked goods across the street
  • The Taco Stand, serving tacos, burritos and other Mexican classics
  • KYU, a high-end Asian fusion restaurant
  • Love Life Cafe, an award-winning vegan spot Alvarez says is “absolutely amazing”

Walk outside the LAB Miami, and you can get some good grub and some artistic inspiration everywhere you look.

Book Time at the LAB Miami With the Upflex Coworking Network

The LAB Miami is one of the many cool coworking spaces available to Upflex members, who can book time there whenever they’re in Miami. The LAB Miami is one of more than 4,000 coworking spaces in more than 60 countries Upflex members have access to.

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