It’s Been a Long, Strange Year for Freelancers: That’s Why We’re Partnering With Indy

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We believe flexibility is the future of work — and that isn’t just limited to geography or office hours. In the past two years, millions of Americans have started freelancing for the first time, because they either want or need the flexibility freelance offers. Of course, our freelancers know, running your own business comes with a lot of steep learning curves. Without good systems to keep track of it all, it can also come with a lot of headaches.

To make a rollercoaster of a year a little easier for the freelancers in the Upflex community, we’ve put together a partnership with our friends at Indy — an all-in-one freelancing platform for independent workers who want to own their work, their time, the client relationships, and everything in between. From lead generation, time tracking and task management to professional proposals, organized invoices and lawyer-vetted contracts, they have put the entire freelancer’s essential toolkit in one spot.

Starting today, Upflex users can try Indy out for free for three months with the promo code UPFLEX.

“Freelancers are a big part of the Upflex community, and while they’re typically more used to working remotely, the pandemic has brought all kinds of other new obstacles, from isolation to slowed payments to an increase in screen time; this come with not only business repercussions but personal ones,” Upflex CEO and co-founder Christophe Garnier said. “Plus, more full-time workers than ever are transitioning to freelance for the first time. At Upflex, we can help connect them with amenity-rich workspace on demand, but meanwhile, they’re learning to navigate invoicing, contracts, and all the other complex aspects of running one’s own business. These are problems Indy’s team is helping to consolidate, simplify and solve really well.”

“We’re excited to partner with Indy,” Garnier added, “because we find so much synergy in building products that help take the anxiety out of decentralized work.”

Paired with Upflex, which aims to help make remote work less isolating and more productive, Indy co-founder and CEO Sebastian Gyr, Garnier, and the Upflex and Indy teams hope this comprehensive solution — Indy’s online tools plus Upflex’s network of physical workspaces — will make the future a little less daunting and isolating for freelancers while they build their businesses and strive for that much-needed work-life balance.

“One of the challenges facing freelancers today is ensuring that they have access to a community,” Gyr said. “Working online has plenty of benefits, but in light of that fact, we are still in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, and many independent workers are spending far too many hours in front of the computer — and not enough time networking, communicating and interacting with others.”

“With this exciting partnership,” Gyr said, “we’ve come together to help freelancers to manage their business, learn and connect online and now IRL as well.”

Upflex users can try INDY free
for three months with the code UPFLEX.