Upflex x Zerv: We’re Partnering to Make Space Access Easier

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We’re partnering with Zerv to give Upflex’s NYC-based Space Partners a smarter, easier way to handle space entry and access issues for one-time bookings.

At Upflex, we’re building solutions for simpler, more seamless, more secure and more sustainable distributed work — and that goes for our Space Partners, too.

We know community managers in our Space Partners community spend a good portion of the day letting people in, replacing or reactivating badges, and managing sign-ins, especially for one-off bookings through platforms like Upflex. All this managing access means less time to devote to other important tasks. We know this can be a pain point for our Space Partners: So many support requests these partners navigate are about something as simple as accessing the space.

That’s why we’re teaming up with Zerv — a company that makes safe, frictionless building access technology. They’ve designed a tech-forward solution that’s easy to install at any type of building or business, and when we learned more about it, we thought: This is just the right solution to remove the friction of space access.

How does it work?

In short, Zerv enables Upflex users to access your space with just their mobile phone. Here’s how it works.

1. Zerv will install their tech at your front door.

Zerv works on top of any existing callbox or intercom or badge reader outside your building. Once you sign up with Zerv, their team will do a quick installation, and from there on out, members and vetted users with bookings can come and go using mobile access via one-time codes or ongoing access credentials on their phones.

2. You’ll use Zerv’s software to send a secure, one-time access code to confirmed bookings.

Zerv’s subscription-based SaaS platform makes it easy for you to generate a link that will let a temporary user — like someone who booked a hot desk via Upflex — to access your space. Incorporate Zerv into your booking confirmation workflow, and push a link to the user via text or email for the day they’ve booked. Community managers don’t need to be physically present to open the door.

3. Bookings show up, scan their code at the door to get in, have a great experience, and look forward to their next booking at your space.

One-time users have their code on hand when they arrive. Repeat visitors to your space have the option of downloading Zerv’s app to get their daily credentials for accessing the space.

Upflex x Zerv partnership details

We’re looking at ways to more deeply integrate Upflex and Zerv for an even more seamless user experience. To start, we’re inviting our space operators in New York City to try it out with a steep discount on installation and monthly pricing.

Just for Upflex’s Space Partners, Zerv is offering a flat one-time install rate regardless of location or building type, and then a deeply discounted annual or monthly fee for their ongoing service.

Interested in giving it a try? Fill out a quick inquiry form here to connect with the Zerv team about whether their tech is right for your space and how to get started.

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