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Want to help connect Ukrainians on the ground with much needed resources?

In the past month, coworking and flex space operators across Ukraine have pivoted to help connect their war-torn communities with urgently needed resources — from shelter and food and medicine to power generators and protective gear.

Join us and other partners behind #WithinUkraine and send your support. Create or use your Upflex account to book a desk and support them instantly, or visit their websites for other ways to help.

Here’s how to help

Individual Upflex Users

If you already have an Upflex individual account, just click below to browse and book spaces, and instantly support their efforts on the ground.

If you don’t have an account yet, signing up is as quick and easy as entering your email address and payment info.

Corporate Upflex Users

Do you have an Upflex account via your employer? Unfortunately, corporate accounts aren’t enabled to participate, but you can still send help. Just log out and sign up for Upflex with your personal email.

Sending support via your new individual account will be as quick and easy as selecting a space and entering your payment info.

In Ukraine, workspaces are now resource hubs, soup kitchens and refugee shelters

Coworking space Lift99 in Kyiv raised $10,000 in a matter of hours to purchase and distribute satellite phones to Ukrainian troops. Support them now.

Coworking space FuturaHub in Lviv set up a shelter in their lecture hall, housing dozens of refugees from neighboring cities. Support them now.

Coworking space WorkIt in Kyiv turned their café into a community kitchen, now serving 100+ hot lunches to hospitals and neighbors each day. Support them now.

Photos: LIFT99

Support Ukraine’s space operators now

Booking a desk at one of these spaces is one fast, safe way to send direct support to communities in Ukraine. All revenue will be sent directly to space operators, minus a 2.5% transaction fee charged by Stripe, and a small transfer fee charged by our payout system. Learn more about these spaces’ efforts, and send help now.