What Style of Office Suits You?

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Finding a comfortable, productive place to work is challenging when most employers provide just two options for employees:

  • Option 1: A one-size-fits-all office
  • Option 2: Employees’ homes

Nowadays offices aren’t so stuffy, obvious in recent and ongoing designs trends as traditional offices physically transform before our eyes, but it doesn’t necessarily make them more productive.

Companies of all sizes are hiring design firms and paying big bucks to change their work environment by adding color, technology, and open floor plans designed around the people who occupy them. While all this time, energy, and investment shows well with clients and even perspective employees, does it truly make a difference in making employees more comfortable and productive in the office?

Image of people working in a large room with neon lights on the ceiling.

As consumers, we like options. An example of how increased choice leads to employee satisfaction includes choosing investments within a 401k plan. Everyone has different financial needs and an investment strategy should reflect that on the individual level. Companies like Liazon have changed the landscape on employee benefits by allowing employees to pick insurance products rather than their employer picking for them.

It’s the same with offices. A large open space with plush purple couches and bright LED lights might look great, but some folks thrive in a muted, more structured space especially when nearing a project deadline.  

As employers recognize the need to innovate and modernize their offices, some still don’t acknowledge that needs of each individual employee will always differ. Finding a balance to please everyone is challenging — while a diverse mix of employees has a positive impact on culture, providing a space that promotes productivity for everyone is difficult.

Image of people working around wooden tables, with old timey lights strung across the large room.

So how do you meet the needs of employees at the individual level? Choice. Increased choice and flexibility as to where an employee works is the only path for top organizations to successfully retain talent.

Coworking spaces and other forms of shared offices all around the world are sprouting up and can serve as that happy medium between a traditional office and kitchen table. These shared office are closer to home, which helps reduce a long commute and creates free time for employees to coach peewee football or take up hot yoga. Every shared office has a different flavor and personality, which lets employees gravitate towards the spaces that suit their style.

Apps like GrubHub, PostMates and Seamless have provided increased choice to help people seeking more food options, so why don’t companies do the same?

Want to offer your employees more choice? Check out the Upflex App to give your employees access to beautifully inspiring coworking spaces around the world.