For Space Partners, a New Integration To Sync Your Data Everywhere—and Save You Time

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We want to make bookings through Upflex easier for our space partners and for our members. That’s why we’re partnering with Syncaroo. Their new integration enables real-time inventory updates, automated booking workflows, and it means space partners can update their pricing, hours, and other data in one place, and watch it auto-magically sync everywhere.

Let’s face it: While using third-party platforms like Upflex can help you grow your reach, build your profile, and fill your space, it takes extra legwork: making sure everyone has the most up-to-date hours, pricing, inventory, booking confirmation details… Right now, space operators have to make updates across multiple systems every time that information changes. But what if it were as easy as making one single update that syncs across every booking platform, website and broker?

Flex workspace expert and innovator Hector Kolonas and his Syncaroo cofounder Robert Kropp knew the industry needed a better way to connect brokers, spaces and workers, and to make sure information was consistent across the internet — so they built it.

Today, Syncaroo and Upflex are launching a seamless integration built to streamline booking, ensure more accurate data, and save space operators time, so they can focus on the things that matter.

“These operators are running really interesting hospitality and workspace businesses, but flex work is still relatively new, and there are still a lot of missing pieces,” Kolonas says. “We built this integration to help connect everyone more easily, to help make sure data is consistent across the internet, and to help thousands of workspaces save millions of hours of work time.”

Upflex VP of Space Partnerships Sherri Tao says she and the Upflex team are excited to launch this first-of-its-kind tool to streamline booking and data updates.

“With Syncaroo, booking confirmations happen in real time, inventory is updated automatically… and the bigger idea is this won’t just be the case for Upflex,” Tao says. “Syncaroo is building out ways to integrate with many of the other third-party platforms our partners might work with. That means operators can turn their focus back to their strengths, passions and purpose, and leave it to the tech to take care of the details.”

Who is Syncaroo for?

Starting today, if you use OfficeRND or Nexudus property management systems, you’ll be able to quickly and easily use Syncaroo’s integration with Upflex. This enables two-way syncing between your management system and your Upflex account, along with other time-saving features like auto-updating websites widgets, updates being sent out to your favorite brokers and ensuring you’ll never double-book again.

Support for Cobot and Satellite Deskworks property management systems are soon to follow, and there are dozens more CMSs in the pipeline.

Why give Syncaroo a try?