Hiring Across Borders? We’ve Partnered With Oyster for a More Seamless Future of Work

Building an all-star team shouldn’t be limited by borders. We’re partnering with Oyster, a company that shares our vision for a flexible future of work.

We are thrilled to announce a new partnership with Oyster, a distributed HR platform that empowers companies to hire, pay, and care for talented teammates, regardless of location. Their platform is the go-to global HR choice for teams around the world when it comes to painless cross-border hiring, compliance, and a great user experience for hiring managers and new hires all around.

With Upflex, Oyster’s team shares a vision for a flexible future of work where no employee is left out.

Exclusively to Upflex’s community, Upflex users who join Oyster will receive their first hire free (up to $8,500 value) plus 10% off all new hires in the first 12 months. Additionally, they’re giving access to all of their Academy and Tooling for free.

Oyster and Upflex are partnering. Click to learn more what’s in it for you.

And as they help companies expand and support their teams across borders, we’re helping connect Oyster users with flexible workspace on demand, around the globe.

Click here to learn more about Oyster and the Oyster x Upflex partnership.