Book Desks at Ukrainian Coworking Spaces, Directly Support Relief Efforts

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Some of Ukraine’s coworking space operators have transformed their workspaces into soup kitchens, bomb shelters and military supply hubs.

You can send direct support to these war relief efforts on the ground — it’s as simple as booking a desk.

In the past month, coworking and flex space operators across Ukraine have pivoted to help connect their war-torn communities with urgently needed resources — from shelter and food and medicine to power generators and protective gear.

Stories started to spread thanks to the Ukrainian Coworking Association, and soon, Hector Kolonas at Syncaroo spearheaded the launch of the #WithinUkraine campaign, leveraging workspace technology to help connect these communities with the financial resources they need.

Now, you can use Upflex’s booking platform to send support straight to the space operators who need it most — and their communities in turn — so they can carry out relief and aid efforts on the ground.

Here’s how to get involved: Create an Upflex account — or use your existing account if you have one — to book a desk. Every booking you make is a fast, safe way get money straight into the hands of people working on the ground in Ukraine right away. All revenue from Upflex Ukraine bookings will be sent directly to space operators, minus a 2.5% transaction fee charged by Stripe, and a small transfer fee charged by our payout system.

Here’s a little more about what they’re up to:

Coworking Platforma Leonardo

Kyiv, Ukraine

Coworking Platforma Leonardo is collecting funds to support their 24/7 humanitarian aid and relief work. They’ve become the Center for Humanitarian Aid in the Desnianskyi district, launched a cooperative with the Kyiv City State Administration, and are coordinating efforts to deliver supplies to the military and police. They’ve even launched a telegram-bot, which dispatches up-to-date information about pharmacies, gas stations and shops in their district. Support their efforts by booking a desk here.

Platforma Leonardo in Kyiv is fundraising to support their coordination of humanitarian relief.


Vinnytsia, Ukraine

The team behind Cherdak has helped receive and provide warm shelter and resources to thousands of internally displaced people and refugees from surrounding cities. They have developed a scalable action plan and are working to gather resources, from bedding to diapers to medicine. Show your support now and book a desk now.

Creative State of Arsenal

Kyiv, Ukraine

The sprawling, beautifully designed Creative State of Arsenal workspace in Kyiv, together with their community, quickly pivoted and launched the Humanitarian Aid Fund, forming a network to provide medicine, food, clothing, counseling, financial donations and temporary shelter. They are also organizing start-ups and innovators to devise new military, health-tech and fintech solutions to address challenges during and after wartime. Support their efforts by booking a desk.

Creative State of Arsenal in Kyiv is part of a network providing medicine, food, clothing, counseling, financial donations, temporary shelter, and more.


Lviv, Ukraine

In the midst of war, FuturaHUB is so focused on the needs of their community of hundreds of working freelancers that, after turning their first location into a humanitarian shelter, in mid-March, they opened a new pop-up coworking space in the heart of Lviv with amenities including free WiFi, power banks, snacks and coffee, and a bomb shelter. Send them immediate help by booking a desk now.

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Lift99 Hub

Kyiv, Ukraine

LIFT99 Kyiv Hub is acquiring and delivering critical supplies to support their community and others in wartime. Booking a desk sends instant help to their mobilized corps of on-site volunteers who purchase and deliver protection gear, medicine, and technical supplies in Kharkiv, Mariupol, Kyiv and other areas in urgent need. You can also contribute directly to Lift99 Ukraine LLC by using the bank details on their website. Book a desk now to help them keep going.


Kyiv, Ukraine

Coworking space WorkIt in Kyiv has turned their café into a hub for hot lunches for hospitals and community members, now serving 100+ hot meals each day. Book a desk now to fund their relief efforts.


Kyiv, Ukraine

From day one, Kooperativ in Kyiv has been working to connect its community with much-needed resources, sharing ways to help and being a reliable channel for information. Support Kooperativ’s work by booking a desk.

The Kooperativ team in Kyiv on February 23, encouraging their community to stay strong and take care of each other.


Kyiv, Ukraine

Right away, Kyiv coworking space Generator (GNRTR) “joined the big flashmob of help” and began collecting and distributing food to their community. Book a desk here to support their efforts.

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Here’s how it works

Individual Upflex users

If you already have an Upflex individual account, just click below to browse and book spaces, and instantly support their efforts on the ground. If you don’t have an account yet, signing up is as quick and easy as entering your email address and payment info. Book now.

Corporate Upflex users

Do you have an Upflex account via your employer? Unfortunately, corporate accounts aren’t enabled to participate, but you can still send help. Just log out and sign up for Upflex with your personal email. Sending support via your new individual account will be as quick and easy as selecting a space and entering your payment info. Create an account.

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#WithinUkraine here.