7 Ways Our New Safe Spaces™ Program Will Help Us Get Back to Workspaces

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Today, we launched Safe Spaces™, a global workplace re-entry program to help businesses of all sizes safely ramp up operations as COVID-19 restrictions are lifted across the world. The largest coworking alliance of its kind, it offers companies of any size access to approved workspaces that comply with a strict set of health and safety guidelines to reduce risks to employees as they return to the office.

Companies now need to rethink where employees work and ensure everyone returns to a safe workplace.

Safe Spaces™ is a coworking industry program designed to help you and your employees access workspaces that are taking the necessary steps for health and safety. Choose from any Safe Spaces™ workspaces based on CDC and WHO guidelines.

To receive the Safe Spaces™ seal, our partners agree to comply with CDC guidelines (for U.S. Spaces) or World Health Organization or other applicable local governing body’s guidelines (for non-U.S. Spaces). You can find their health and safety policies on our app and website. With this seal, they’re committing to implementing the following practices to help beat COVID-19 risk:

  1. Social distancing
    Members are provided space 6 feet away from each other and the space prevents unnecessary close contact.
  2.  Personal hygiene
    Hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes are provided, and education materials on proper hand-washing is readily available.
  3. PPE
    Facemasks are required or provided for clients visiting the office to help prevent exposure.
  4. Cleaning & disinfecting
    All surfaces are cleaned and disinfected at least twice a day, especially high-touch surfaces.
  5. Incident reporting
    If a guest was exposed or confirmed to have COVID-19, Upflex is notified immediately.
  6. Food & beverage
    Only paper cups for beverages and pre-wrapped food items are offered, if any.
  7. Engineering controls
    The workspace reduces exposure to hazards without relying on personal behavior, such as by using HEPA air filters and physical barriers.
Learn more about Safe Spaces program here or look for the green Safe Spaces seal in our global network of workspaces.