One Way We Provide Maximum Choice: Championing the Small Space Operator

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Sixty percent of the 700+ coworking and on-demand workspace brands in our global network are small operators. That’s a very intentional move, and we work to keep them in the majority.

In Upflex’s global network of workspace on demand, we boast over 6,000 bookable spaces. Of the 700 brands that provide those spaces, three out of five are small operators, with just one or a few spaces in their portfolio. Here’s why that matters.

Blender Workspace in NoMad, Manhattan, NYC. Check it out on

Blender, a boutique workspace in NoMad, Manhattan, NYC. Check it out on

The geographic breadth of our network helps us make sure companies using Upflex to power their remote or hybrid workplace can offer employees safe, comfortable, well-equipped workspace near where they live, and that’s a plus for everything from work-life balance to reducing carbon emissions. But we believe the variety of different types of businesses that comprise our space network — championing small space operators as much as we do our larger partners — has a big benefit to the world of work, too.

Flexibility is the future of work, and bringing more business to small operators — leveraging partnerships with big companies like WeWork to distribute their users across boutique, small, locally owned and operated coworking space businesses, supports a healthy ecosystem of variety, and that’s what will drive true flexibility and choice for the workforce.

Here are some of the benefits we provide to all space operators, whether they manage hundreds of spaces around the global, or one, single, beautiful location:

We review and certify every operator in our network to ensure quality, and we have a dedicated support team helping our Space Partner make sure everything goes smoothly from booking to hosting. We’re adding, on average, hundreds of locations per month to our network.

To learn more about joining Upflex as a Space Partner, click here. Learn more about our Global Network here, or browse spaces by location in the Upflex app (for Apple or Android).