NEW FEATURE: Upflex’s Newest Enterprise Hybrid Workspace Solution, UNIFY

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Now, you can add your company’s existing real estate to Upflex’s booking platform, so employees can reserve workspace in our worldwide network of space on demand or in your own offices, all in one seamless, data-rich experience.


Meet Unify, our newest workspace solution, especially for companies that still own or lease some office space but also want to offer employees access to our worldwide network of third-party workspace on demand.

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Unify allows companies to fold their existing properties into Upflex’s booking platform, making their own spaces available for their employees to book through the app or on our website, right alongside our larger network of thousands of offices around the world. 

“Even before the pandemic, and since our founding, we’ve been operating under the impression that hybrid workspace models are the future,” Upflex CEO Christophe Garnier tells Bisnow. “Our main focus then and now has been: How can we leverage technology to create a better experience — a more seamless one, both logistically and culturally? Unify, together with White Label, are huge leaps for our largest companies who want to use these more popular and more efficient real estate solutions without sending their employees to some third-party experience.”

UNIFY helps companies turn our app into a central booking platform, rather than an add-on service, making managing hybrid space seamless and convenient. It also allows for the collection of even more robust usage data, offered through the Upflex dashboard. Managers can see who on their teams is booking workspace, how frequently, and at what locations, allowing them to iterate real estate strategies for maximum efficiency, both in terms of budget and environmental impact.

“With Unify, heads of real estate can supplement their company’s existing office properties with Upflex’s global network through our desk or private office memberships and expand — and shrink — your hybrid space offerings easily as you need,” Garnier says. “Some companies may have dozens or hundreds of offices already in certain markets, but may need to rely on Upflex to supplement those in other markets. Unify is now the best way to do that.”

Unify License 

  • Your own offices on Upflex app
  • Unified employee experience
  • Centralized utilization data
  • API integration available

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