Space Spotlight: Devhub, a Bright Coworking Community in Toronto and Vancouver

Some coworking spaces only focus on physical space: find a desk, get to work and leave. This is not the case for Devhub.

With locations in Toronto and Vancouver, Devhub is a place for locals and visitors, most of whom are software developers, to expand their skill sets and career horizons. Devhub is a learning community: a place where members are encouraged to connect with mentors, mentees and like-minded professionals.

We caught up with Devhub’s General Manager, Emma Cuddy, to explore and understand the space.  

Community from Coding 

According to Cuddy, Devhub is all about community, with a purpose: “We created Devhub with the goal of retaining talent in Canada because finding a community that pushes your growth means you aren’t relying on needing that next big job in NYC or SF to keep progressing as a developer.”

Devhub grew from Lighthouse Labs, a Vancouver-based coding bootcamp which launched in 2013, for software developers, and  is now in 6 cities across Canada. While graduating from a bootcamp was great for developers, the question loomed of how graduates could further their growth and find their community. Devhub was born; the next step for new developers.

Developers from all over Canada can come to Devhub to hone their craft, attend workshops and participate in hackathons. Both student and professional developers share the space; talent is often hired from the space’s network.

As a result, companies form and grow at Devhub. (“We’ve had companies who started with us at 1 person and ended up leaving us 2-and-a-half years later with 13 or 14 people.”) And Devhub plans to grow alongside its in-house companies: Devhub is continually founding new tech partnerships and hosting workshops for its members, having completed a partnership with Microsoft throughout the summer months, and opened a new event space in Toronto in October. 

Devhub is constantly focused on how to improve for the benefit of its people. Cuddy states, “I’m really proud of the fact that the staff and the people who run it are curious about what developers want and are happy to continually ask how we can change and make this a better community for developers.” 

But Devhub isn’t just for developers; any freelancer or remote worker in the Toronto or Vancouver areas can drop in for a supportive and stimulating work experience. 

Inside Devhub 

Each member (whether full-time or drop-in) has access to sitting and standing desks; computers and monitors; white-boards and a range of tech gadgets. The space is casual, with an easy set-up experience that enables members to get to work quickly. 

The atmosphere is also geared toward community. There are offices for collaboration, meeting rooms for brainstorming and event spaces for presentation. There’s a strong ethos centered around mentorship, where members of all kinds are encouraged to exchange ideas. The physical and social blueprint allows companies, employers and employees to share space and make connections.

Devhub is also an excellent space for students; who can enroll in the developer bootcamp and connect with on-site professionals (and maybe future coworkers!). Devhub’s lunch-and-learns are meant for bootcamp graduates, general members and expert companies to speak and foster connections. According to Cuddy, the welcoming and educational atmosphere attracts lifelong learners and champions in the field, eager to share their passion for developing with others.

Beyond the Desk 

Devhub’s sense of community extends beyond the work-desk, both inside and outside the office.

  • In-Office: The Toronto office features a spacious kitchen area, where members can grab a bite and chat. The Vancouver office features gym access and event space access, where members can workout and enjoy their time together. 
  • Out-of-Office: Both the Toronto and Vancouver locations are located near technology employers, community attractions and delicious restaurants and cafes 

 In Vancouver, Devhub members are steps away from: 

  • The Pacific Centre shopping mall
  • Gastown, Vancouver’s oldest commercial district
  • Yaletown, a spot known for hip boutiques, bars and restaurants
  • The future newest Amazon building, launching in 2021
  • Highly-ranked eateries like Cafe Medina, Jam Cafe on Beatty and Tuc Craft Kitchen.

In Toronto, Devhub members are steps away from: 

  • Queen Street West, a trendy neighbourhood with loads of indie shops
  • Kensington Market, full of vintage boutiques and art spaces
  • The Waterfront, one of the world’s longest urban waterfronts
  • Toronto Chinatown, with open air markets and various eateries
  • Restaurants and cafes like Oretta and Wilbur (which Cuddy recommends) 
  • Shopify, and several other technology companies 

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