Space Spotlight: Büro, a Vibrant Miami Coworking Space

“It’s definitely for people that are serious-minded about getting their jobs done and are passionate about what they do.” – Masha Grinberg, Büro’s Director of Operations

The effortlessly cool, Miami-based Büro brings a refreshing mix of perks and features that has strongly attracted Miami’s professional crowd.  Founded nearly a decade ago by CEO Michael Feinstein, Büro is modeled after popular community-centric shared spaces in Europe. What’s Büro’s mission? To establish coworking spaces that are (1) aesthetically pleasing, (2) geared towards long-term relationships with members, and (3) act as catalysts for up-and-coming Miami neighborhoods.

1. A Stylish New Work Experience, Each Visit

Büro was built to excite people and inspire them to come to work — and it shows. Each location features a unique, neighborhood-specific aesthetic, which has effectively attracted more than 500 companies.

For instance, Büro’s South Beach location has a contemporary-chic aesthetic and while Büro MiMo features mid-century modern design elements, polished concrete floors and retro touches. Each location offers a one-of-a-kind experience.

“We honor the style of where we are and design accordingly,” -Grinberg.

2. A Space Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Today’s shared spaces often have the challenge of building a cohesive team culture. Büro’s leaders recognize this, so they’ve focused on creating the best possible experience for Büro’s clients. Each location is a community, with familiar faces–true members of the neighborhood. They’ve also focused on the support of a dedicated staff that offers an environment akin to a tight-knit group of employees in a traditional office space.

“All of our staff knows each member by name, when their birthdays are, and other special events in their lives. (…) So it’s really all about creating a sense of community through a smaller size, forming personal relationships, and knowing our members.” – Grinberg

3. Supporting Miami’s Up-and-Coming Neighborhoods

As a local business, Büro is deeply values cultivating growth in the surrounding neighborhood(s). Each Büro location exists in an ecosystem with its neighborhood, giving members easy, walkable access to local shops and restaurants before, during and after their workday.

The recently-opened Büro South Miami stands at the intersection of South Dixie Highway and SW 59th Avenue, and is surrounded by lively pubs, coffee shops, cafes, bars, restaurants, and shopping. All of these attractions are just a short walk from the office; giving workers who need a breather plenty of options to relax, refuel, and come back to work strong.

“We really believe in the power of neighborhood (…) When you come to a Büro location, you know that you’re going to be in a great central spot, with access to restaurants, local businesses, nightlife, and everything would be at your doorstep.” – Grinberg

Additional Details…

Büro offers a range spaces: from dedicated desks for individuals to larger suites 10-people-teams; complete with phone booths, conference rooms, etc. Büro also offers a range of memberships: from flexible seating options to long-termed reserved spaces. Additional amenities include:

  • Color printing, copying and scanning
  • Private rooms and social spaces
  • VOIP phones
  • High-speed internet
  • Artisanal coffees and teas

Members get all of the above; housed within a sleek, bright and airy space; furnished with curated and modern décor. This range, convenience and thoughtful user design allows clients of all stripes to engage with their projects in a growth-fueled and dynamic atmosphere.

“We really put our focus into creating an environment for members to get their work done…whether it’s a freelancer that works for themselves, or someone who owns a company or someone that’s part of a franchise.” – Grinberg

Learn More About Büro, Part of the Upflex Network

Büro serves professionals at six unique locations throughout Miami, including Midtown, SoBe, MiMo, the Grove, South Miami, and Hollywood.  Not a member? No worries. Büro is part of the Upflex network, and welcomes local and visiting workers to reserve desks and conference rooms.

Learn about Büro in Miami, and don’t forget to register for a free Upflex trial, with 7 days of access and 10 free hours!