Uberall Selects Upflex to Power Its ‘Choice First’ Flex Work Strategy

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Global, 460-employee marketing tech firm Uberall has chosen Upflex to power their modern, multi-faceted flexible workplace strategy, “Choice First.”

Upflex, today’s premier global provider of hybrid workspace solutions, announced it has been selected by Uberall, a global provider of hybrid customer experience solutions, to power its global flex workplace strategy. Via the Upflex platform and network, Uberall now has a customized array of flexible workspace management options to manage their “Choice First” flexible work strategy, including access to Upflex’s global network of flexible workspace via membership and team pool, and Upflex’s “hub and spoke” model, which allows Uberall to maintain an agile, responsive arrangement of dedicated office hubs supplemented by bookable workspace on demand, where and when their teams need it.

Upflex’s technology will help Uberall track program performance in real time and establish robust risk mitigation and governance protocols that meet international privacy laws, as well as the company’s own commitment to data privacy.

“Upflex has become an invaluable partner for Uberall as we further improve our Choice First workplace strategy,” said Andreas Angelakis, Workplace and Culture Manager at Uberall. “Christophe and his team have helped us increase our geographic footprint and significantly improve employee usage and cost efficiency across the board. Uberall now has a centralized platform that streamlines and accelerates the flexibility we are providing through our Choice First policy, and we look forward to continuing to scale this program on a global level and provide our employees with a best-in-class workplace experience through Upflex.”

Through Upflex, Uberall gives its global workforce seamless access to their own dedicated office hubs, as well as high-quality workspaces from hundreds of leading flex space brands in more than 900 cities across 80 countries, including exclusive third-party access to WeWork spaces around the world. Upflex’s platform provides clear, consolidated reporting with key workforce analytics to help managers evaluate pain points and strengths within their spaces. Since implementing Upflex, Uberall has expanded access to flexible workspaces to four times more many employees than previously, while significantly reducing the burden of in-house flex work administration and management.

“Uberall’s Choice First policy is meant to encourage collaboration and tangibly improve the employee experience, which greatly aligns with Upflex’s own mission to provide new levels of flexibility and tech-enabled solutions that can meet the growing demands of the hybrid employee,” Upflex CEO Christophe Garnier said. “We see this partnership as a testament to our commitment to inspire new workplace dynamics and empower companies to optimize their workspaces to meet evolving business needs.”