April 24th: Covid-19 Update

Here at Upflex we’ve started a weekly Covid-19 digest to better help you understand the impact of the novel coronavirus around the world. You can find below a summary of the impact by country, for as many places as we can find information on. Please note that the term lockdown has different meanings in each country.

While we strive to keep this up to date and use data from the last five days, information is rapidly changing. What is true today may be different tomorrow, and we are including sources in order to help keep track of what is still relevant.

North America

The U.S is very scattered in terms of states lifting lockdown restrictions and entering phase 1. Georgia, for example, as of today has been re-opening some-non essential businesses.

Ultimately the power to enter phase 1 of lifting the lockdown before the due date of May 15th is up the state governors. There is still some reluctance when it comes to opening states up too early and easing restrictions too much so this will be a gradual step by step transition.

Map of COVID-19 cases by U.S. state

A $480 million dollar aid package has been approved for small businesses yesterday, and about 26 million Americans are out of work.

As for Canada and Mexico, the lockdown is to be lifted at the end of May. No real change since last week.



“Country by country, store by store, Europe is letting commercial life breathe again, in tiny gasps” -WSJ

Ranging from Italy to Spain to France, Europe is slowly starting to breath again. A rough estimate would be by the end of May almost all the European countries should have lifted major lockdown restrictions.

This is going to be in waves and phases as the whole word operates the same.

Updates by country:

  • The United King is in lockdown until May 23rd.
  • In Spain, lockdown should be lifted at the end of the month.
  • In France, lockdown should be lifted May 11th.
  • In Italy, the lockdown should be lifted May 5th.


Southeast Asia is feared to be the next coronavirus hotspot as the number of cases have quickly risen in the past weeks.

Indonesia has the most confirmed cases so far in Southeast Asia.

Singapore this week has also seen a surge in the number of cases, making their partial lockdown which was set to end May 4th to be extended until June 1st.

Hong Kong and Taiwan have also seen a second wave hit this week increasing the number of cases and making them consider re-entering a recovery phase.



The number of new confirmed cases is still fluctuating everyday with a constant increase however.

The continent-wide lockdown for Africa is still set to end mid-May. This being said, restrictions are slowly being lifted one by one with May 1st being an official date for some non essential businesses to start re- operating (manufacturing businesses primarily), including the ban of cigarettes to be lifted.